Tips for Working Successfully with a Coach

You’ve determined that having someone to help you gain the skills you need and to help you navigate your selected pageant system is a good idea.

You’ve interviewed a few coaches to confirm there is a good fit and set up your first meeting. Or perhaps you’ve been working with your coach for a while.

Below are a few helpful tips for working successfully with your coach:

Meet to set expectations.
Whether this is your first time working together, or you’ve done years of prep, it’s important to evaluate your needs, then set expectations. Often your coach will take the lead if you are new to pageants or a particular system. But once you are seasoned, it’s up to you to speak up and let your coach know what you expect from the experience.

No matter how well you know each other, your coach cannot read your mind. She can tell if something is “off, “ but won’t know what that is unless you tell her. If your expectations change, you feel you need to work more on one thing than another or even if you feel slighted, let your coach know! Your coach is one of your biggest cheerleaders and she will want to support you in the way you need supported.

Have realistic expectations of the relationship.
The coaches I know have a pretty relaxed and familiar relationship with their clients. In our studio, our team doesn’t even refer to our girls as “clients.” Our style of coaching is more family-oriented and we truly see the families who partner with us as our family! Other coaches may be more business-like. You’ve hired the coach who fits your style of learning and relating, but sometimes you may need to step back and remember why you’re there. {We coaches need to do this too!} Again, communicate if something doesn’t feel right.

Don’t grumble about your team.
This goes for your coach, hair and makeup artists, pageant directors, wardrobe providers or anyone else. We certainly aren’t perfect and I know we’ve grumbled when we shouldn’t have!  But even if a conversation is tough, do it. It is a blessing to your coach and you. I can tell you without reservation, that while it can be tough hearing constructive criticism, in the end, it is like having a mentor who gets you back on your game. So open up if you need to!

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Your coach is there for you. Even if she, or he, coaches many contestants for the same pageant in the same division, she is working to make you the very best you can be. She may be cheering a competitor on, but no more or no less than she’s cheering for you. And when your coach has to give you some tough love to get you to the next level, trust her! You should never leave a session feeling torn down. It may be hard and you may have to hear some criticism, but as long as it is constructive and you are encouraged before your session ends, you can trust your coach.

The coaching relationship is no different than any other relationship you are in. Mutual respect and communication are necessary to keep the relationship going.

Here’s to your coach helping to release your inner winner!

And if you’re looking for someone to help, look no further! Contact me today!


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