Do you need a pageant coach?

pageant coach, consulting, speaking, communicating confidencePageants have evolved a lot in the past 10 years.

I remember when few contestants had coaches for their local or state pageants. And depending on the state in which they were competing, did they have a coach for nationals.

Today, if you want to be competitive in the top systems, you might need a coach.

Here are 5 reasons you should hire a pageant coach:

You are a newbie! You got a letter or you’ve been referred by a friend and now, you’ve been selected to participate in a pageant. It’s a dream come true! Don’t let it become a nightmare. You are going to spend a decent about of money in entry fees, wardrobe and travel. You should have someone to guide you through the process. Going into pageant weekend, knowing that your wardrobe is appropriate for the system, and what is really required for the judges to take notice of you is worth the investment.

You want to move to the next level. The next level may be winning, or t it may be moving into the top five. Either way, you need someone to help you see and hear what you can’t. Which leads me to the next reason you may need a coach…

You need an impartial person to see and hear what you can’t. The right coach can see and hear issues, even nuances that can be taken negatively, in the interview, gown, fitness, talent and overall presentation. Sometimes, one little tweak can move you into the top 5 or even to winning the crown!

You’re switching systems. All pageants are not alike. While you may think an interview in one pageant system is the same in others, it is not. If you’re interviewing at National American Miss, you have 45 seconds to leave a positive impression on each judge, while an interview for High School Americafinds you standing in front of a panel for three to five minutes. A coach who knows the different systems can help you navigate the differences with ease.

You’re headed to nationals! Yes, you won without a coach. Congratulations! But often times competing at the state level is very different from competing at the nationals level. Your coach can help you step up your game both in your overall presentation and mental toughness.

Next week, we’ll cover what you should look for when hiring a coach. Until then, make an honest appraisal of yourself and your goals, and you may just find a pageant coach is very good investment!

Springboard has a team of coaches across the United States who can offer you expertise in all areas of competition. Our team has coached hundreds of girls and young women to regional, state and national wins. We’d love to help you release your inner winner. We can also refer you to a reputable coach in your area. Contact us here.

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