5 Tips to Help You Harness the Power of Presence

Power of PresenceHow many times have you watched someone walk into a room, onto the stage or step onto a photo set and think, wow, she’s just got it. She has presence.

Well, what is the it factor or presence? How do you get it? Can it be taught? And how important is it, really?

I’d contest it’s pretty darn important. It’s one of the reasons that one pageant contestant always seems to win. It’s what separates a model who works, but catapults another to super-stardom. It’s what grabs an employer’s attention the minute a candidate walks in the room.Miss Nebraska Teen USA

I do believe there are those who just have it. But I also believe you can harness the power of presence with these 5 skills:

Be self-aware

You’re thinking, how can a generation be any more self- aware? But it’s different than self-obsessed! Self-aware means knowing how you look and sound to others. How you command a room. Using your manners. Standing tall. My husband calls it court sense.

Know your strengthsNational All American Teen

There’s so much talk about strengths that I think we’ve become complacent in considering them. Really take stock of what you do well. Use the Gallup StrengthsFinder or any other reputable strengths assessment and learn everything you can about your top five strengths. Then set out to use them to harness your power of presence.

Know your weaknessesNational American Miss Nebraska Jr. Teen

Often your greatest weakness is your greatest strength. Contestants who know their weaknesses can set out to manage them and let their presence soar.

Communicate confidence

Be intentional when using all your means of communication – words, tone, gestures, body language, facial expressions and eye contact. And don’t let your body language scream so loud that judges, agents and clients can’t hear what you’re saying!

Be interested

This is by far the most important aspect of building your presence. If you aren’t interested in others, you can’t be interesting. And if you aren’t interested and interesting you can’t connect. If you can’t connect you aren’t memorable. Contestants with presence are very, very memorable and for all the right reasons.

The contestant who fills the stage or the room with her presence is the one with the power to win – the pageant and in life

If you would like help harnessing your power of presence, contact us today. We have a proven system that capitalizes on your authenticity and gets you noticed!

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