2018 Winter Workshops!

Do you want to see if Springboard’s coaching system is right for you?

Are you ready to prepare for your next pageant? Or do you want to work on your modeling skills?

Each workshop has a theme. But everything you’ll learn is about communicating confidence in your world!

Join one or all of our monthly workshops.

Hannah Delashmutt, runway workshop


January 13: Book your next show, own the stage at your next pageant or simply walk into a room and command it! Runway training will help you move with poise, confidence and grace.

Naomi Turner, Timothy Rosado, NYC


February 10: Learn your best angles and how to move effortlessly in front of the camera.  What your body language is saying to others, by the way?

script reading, commercial reading workshop


March 10: Learn how to prep for your next commercial casting, or use it to perfect your voice, facial expressions and how others see you.

acting class, Nebraska actors workshop


April 14: Yes, you can book your next gig. But you can also learn so much more about how you communicate to others by reviewing what’s caught on camera!

on camera auditioning workshop