A Mom’s Perspective on the NYC Experience!

Jody Poskochil, NE

  • Mom of Shelby

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Why did you decide to participate in the NYC Experience?
I decided to go on the NYC Experience with my daughter Shelby. I had never been to New York and I know this is where she hopes to live and work one day, so I thought it would help me to better understand her dream if I went along.

Did your focus change once you were in NYC? If so, how?
My focus changed in the following ways, I now know that should Shelby decide to work and live in New York she will be prepared to find her way around. I also have learned that Shelby’s interests in Modeling and Commercial Modeling lay on the┬ábusiness side of the profession.

Talk about three lessons/ah-ha moments you came away with.
I found the subway to be less over whelming once I used it.
I found out I was in much better shape then I thought, walking all over NY.
I found out that I LOVE Broadway Musicals and Cuban food!
(Leave it to me to have 4). I found that the Modeling industry takes hard, hard work and a lifetime of dedication!

What was your very favorite part? Least favorite?
My favorite part was just about the entire experience!! (excluding Shelby being sick!) But if I could only choose one part it would have to be the rounded experience that the girls got from this trip. From model scouts, and photographers to booking editors, commercial directors, and fashion designers. Each
experience taught the girls the versatility of the business depending on which aspect they are interested in.

My least favorite part is that High fashion modeling agents expect girls to be very thin and to me that is wrong. I feel that it causes low self esteem in young women and also increases the risk of anorexia and bulimia in young women.

Is there anything you would change about the trip?
I would have a buddy system and each day it would change. This way the girls get to know each other personally on the trip. The same for the adults.

What advice would you give to someone considering the NYC Experience? Why?
I would highly recommend this trip to any young woman who is considering any type of future career in modeling, fashion, acting, or advertising. This trip covers all that and more!!! I would do this trip again!!

What else would you like me to know about your NYC Experience?
I think this is a wonderful experience for young girls and women. You have put it together quite nicely! You manage to pack in a tremendous amount of knowledge and experiences in 4 short days! I would recommend this trip to any young woman. Thank you Robin and Emerie for an amazing trip!

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