Miss Nebraska High School , Pageant

Brooke Peck

Springboard has given me confidence, strength and NO FEAR in any situation.

Robin and Emerie are more than coaches; they are mentors and now, family! I know how much they care about me. I am NOT JUST A CLIENT. They have the biggest hearts and are great motivators.

Springboard has given me the foundation needed to be successful in life and I am forever grateful.

Booke Peck, Miss Nebraska High School 2016
National American Miss, Testimonial, pageant winner

Kaitlyn Rozeboom

Robin and Emerie prepared me for everything in order to win my state pageant, then again to win 2nd runner-up at NAM nationals. During both pageants, if I had any worries or questions they were simply a call, text, or knock away. I spent countless hours in their room laughing and making priceless memories at nationals. They are not only dedicated coaches, they are family!

Kaitlyn Rozeboom, National American Miss Nebraska Jr. Teen 2015

JaCee Pilkington

There are many pageant coaching resources for young women today. However, I have met few who focus on the entire contestant the way Robin has for me and so many others.

Robin mentored me as Miss Nebraska’s Outstanding Teen and now, as a senior in college, she has taken on the role of a second mother. She helped me tap into an inner confidence that I brought to the Miss Nebraska Stage and to my everyday life.

The skills she teaches are truly invaluable. Whether it is speaking confidently and correctly, carrying yourself with poise or mastering grace under pressure her coaching and mentoring have helped mold me into the person I am today. I’ve yet to meet an individual in the Midwest who brings such a unique level of expertise to the young women with whom she works.

Graduating from an Ivy League university, working as a model in Tokyo and Paris and serving as an executive director for multiple non-profits, Robin has a plethora of professional and life experiences that offer a unique skill set for young women to learn from.

I am fully cognizant that Robin has grown my speaking ability, confidence and faith to a degree in which I could not have done one my own.

Miss Nebraska 2013
Miss Nebraska’s Outstanding Teen 2009

Taida Pajazetovic

My experience working with Robin and Emerle was incredible!

The skills I learned prepared me for the Miss Nebraska USA pageant; however, they prepared me for a lot more. l learned great communication skills which will not only benefit me in pageantry, but also in the corporate world.

I absolutely loved how much support I received from both Robin and Emerie through this exciting, yet stressful, process.

Springboard is truly spectacular!

Miss Nebraska USA 2015 4th RU & Photogenic Winner

Cindi Laign, mom of Katelyn Hansen

Katelyn and I have an AWESOME time with Robin and Emerie!

They are there every step of the way.They are both very supportive and encouraging. I know
that I can call anyone of them at any time with questions and concerns and they are there
with open arms.

With the help of the Springboard Team, Katelyn truly shines on stage and in her personal life.

Jody Poskochil, Mom of Shelby

You have been an inspiration in my daughter's life.

I cannot begin to thank you enough for the time and effort you have dedicated to her.
Because of your efforts she has grown as a person and gained confidence in her abilities. Your guidance and teaching, as well as. your last minute pep talks, have allowed her amazing abilities to shine through.

We thank you and the Springboard team for all you have done.

Miss Nebraska Collegiate America 2014

Heather Berkheimer, mom of Cate

After working with Robin and Emerie, Cate is more comfortable on stage and in interview. She isn't afraid to try new things.

We love that's it a "one-stop shop" for all things pageant: photos, hair
& makeup, wardrobe/alteration team and, of course, coaching.

It's a very positive experience!

Heather Berkheimer, mom of cate
Miss Nebraska COED Preteen 2014

Billie Papuchis

Robin Gifford instills the right tools to bring out your best qualities!

Interview had always been by weakness, and working with Robin, I competed in my first Mrs. pageant and took away the interview AND swimsuit awards. I am grateful for her knowledge and great teaching abilities!

First Runner-up, Mrs. Nebraska America 2014

Amanda Reinert

Robin is a fantastic mentor, coach and friend.

She is amazing at pinpointing both your strengths and weaknesses. She will help you highlight your
strengths and turn your weaknesses into assets. She is a wonderful support system and an honest

Her breadth of experience from various pageant systems-to-modeling-to-business gives her a
well-rounded platform from which to coach each contestant. Along the way she not only becomes a
crucial piece of pageant preparation but a lifelong friend and mentor.

I am forever grateful to her for the advice, criticism,
support and friendship she has given me.

Mrs. Nebraska America 2014

Marit K.

I have really learned a lot at Springboard!

At first I thought it would just be about modeling. But I can honestly say everything I have learned I apply to everyday situations!

I am modeling now in Omaha Fashion Week too! Thank you!

Karen Friend Wills (mom of Liem)

Robin was extremely patient and very friendly. This was an amazing opportunity for my daughter to learn from a knowledgable and experienced friend.

Learning how to present herself and walk properly was most beneficial for my daughter.

I’m requesting mommy-daughter classes!

Jenna Mohrmann

Springboard was very helpful and fun.

At first, I was a bit nervous, not knowing what to expect. After the first class, I couldn’t wait to come back!

We worked on hard things, but it helped me gain confidence and it was a lot of fun to do.

Dominique Bruce

Thank you for all that you do for me!
Robin and Emerie are two of my greatest, most wonderful role models.

One of the things I am most thankful for is you and how you have made me more confident. I can talk to everyone now!
You and Emerie are like family!

Caitlyn Barry

Springboard taught me a lot of important skills that not only helped me look
better; I have never felt so good about myself!
I have truly noticed myself becoming more of a leader and a lot less shy than
I was before.

Thank you!

Camrie Ventry

Springboard has been a wonderful experience!
Robin gave me so much knowledge and advice that I couldn't have gotten anywhere
else. I enjoyed learning dining etiquette,commanding attention in a room and most
importantly, I love knowing that I can do anything I set my mind to!

I can stand out with confidence!

Jessica Placek

I think all management should go through Robin's coaching classes
to learn how to present themselves and their company with class.

Robin pays attention to details that help you learn to understand
yourself and tackle those areas where you are weak. More
importantly, she teaches you how to use your strengths.

Robin taught me to interview the employer, which has opened my eyes. Instead of jumping into a new job, I asked a lot of questions and learned that the first offer wasn't a fit for me. But I harvested a friendship from the interview and have added to my network. Now I have the right position ... and more money too!

I want to continue to grow and move forward. With Robin's help, I will be able to do that.

Shawn Ehlers

I love working with Robin Jones Gifford.

She is knowledgable, talented and kind. Her experience in the modeling and fashion business is unparalleled.If you have the opportunity to work with her, do so because it's the opportunity of a lifetime.
Shawn Ehlers
Fashion Photographer, NYC
NY Model Camp

Bailey McCormick

NYC model camp opened my eyes to the real life of a
model. It also helped me with my runway walk and posing for pictures.

New York City is truly a unique place, no where else can compare.

Robin made the trip totally amazing and an experience I will never forget.

Thanks Robin!

Katie Bresnahan

I can barely put into words how much Springboard has helped me. Not only has it helped me for pageants, but for life in general... But I can try!

Before I started coaching at Springboard, I was so shy that I couldn't introduce myself to people or hold a conversation without getting nervous. The interview room was my worst fear!

Thankfully, Robin took me under her wing and before I knew it I was walking and talking with so much confidence it was like I was a completely different girl! I was even more comfortable in everyday life, and the interview room became my favorite part of pageantry.

My family and I were amazed how much of a change something like Springboard could make. I know I wouldn't be where I am today without it. Springboard has made me so confident in who I am. I know I can never be shaken, and that is the most precious thing any girl can have.

Naomi Turner

Emerie was fabulous with our daughter, Naomi.

She had so much experience to share and knew just how to get Noami motivated to “bring it” during every coaching session.

Emerie and Robin made us feel part of the Springboard family, and we consulted them on EVERYTHING.

There is no way we would attempt another pageant without our awesome team at Springboard! Their results speak for themselves.